2017 Toyota Supra Price Specs Interior

2017 Toyota Supra Price Specs Interior… – A next generation Supra has been rumored for more than a decade now and the answer was always the same. Toyota was not ready of making another sports car and they stuck with that until 2013 when they teamed up with BMW. While at first many people thought the two companies would only share technology, it seems that both of them are going to work together in order to develop a new rear wheel drive platform for the upcoming BMW Z4 as well as the Toyota Supra 2017, a car which has been desired by many people throughout the years.

2017 Toyota Supra side

Exterior and Interior Design of 2017 Toyota Supra

The exterior of the next generation Supra will be mostly based on the FT-1 concept car but some features are going to be taken out while some are going to be added in. The car will be more civilized as well as it will look a bit more conventional. In the front there is going to be a single-piece air intake instead of the usual Formula-1 inspired nose while at the back it will get a fixed wing similar to the one of the Mark 3 Supra as well as similar tail lights to that car. The exhaust is also going to be moved to the edges of the bumper rather than in the middle in order to allow the installation of a bigger air diffuser.

Inside the cabin, the 2017 Toyota Supra will be an all new design and while Toyota hasn’t done anything like it in the last 10 years, the car will very likely borrow a few design elements as well as a lot of technology from Lexus. We do expect it to get a similar dashboard and instrument cluster to the LFA but the center console is likely going to be a lot more minimalistic with only a few controls on it in order to make the operation of the car easier so it will not distract the driver.

2017 Toyota Supra rear sdie

Engine Horsepower and Specs

Because it will be a rear wheel drive platform, the Supra will have a lot to prove because there are a lot of great cars in its price range, just like the Corvette or the even the 911 slightly higher. In order to be able to compete with these over 400 horsepower super-cars, the 2017 Toyota Supra will make use of a newly developed engine and while not all the details are out just yet, it seems that it is going to be an all new 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 mated to up to three electric motors, so the total output of the engine should be around 450 horsepower and more than 400 lb-ft of torque.

The petrol powerplant will be making all by itself around 350 horsepower and the rest will come from the electric motors. The car is also planned to be a fully electric vehicle so it may run only on electricity for up to 20 miles which is more than enough to get you out of the city. The gearbox is unknown at this point but it will likely be an 8 speed automatic mounted in the rear for perfect weight balance.

2017 Toyota Supra inside

2017 Toyota Supra seats

2017 Toyota Supra Price

The upcoming 2017 Toyota Supra is going to be based on the FT-1 concept car but unlike what many people thought that the FT-1 and the Supra were going to be one and the same car, it seems that the two are actually going to be different with the Supra being a high performance sports car while the FT-1 will be a smaller sports car aimed at the Mustang. The Supra on the other hand is likely going to start nearly $60,000 and it could go up to as far as $80,000 or more depending on the model of choice. The release date for the production car should be some time in the mid of 2016 which is also when the Z4 is going to be launched.

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